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    Development of a software to control vehicles automatically through a camera

    No need to do annoying setting for coordinates, no need to have expensive sensors for vehicles

    We have developed a software to control vehicles automatically through a camera, just by adding “dots” on its control display. This software is expected to be used for such applications as autonomous radio-controlled construction equipment and remote autopilot of transport robots.


    Introduction of this system.

    (This video has been made with JETRO’s support.)


    An actual image of the control-panel. Vehicles will move according to the dots in the order you put them.

    (Yellow indicates path it took. Written in Japanese.)


    An application example of this software using a robot-cleaner.

    Robot is controlled from outside.


    In our software, we took a strategy to make “smart controls”, instead of making vehicles smarter with expensive sensors and facilities. Usual vehicles with these sensors, such like an AGV working for warehouse, have required preparations such as embedding a large amount of magnetic tape, markers, RFIDs, etc. in the ground, making it difficult to deal with changes in route. Our method not only makes it easy to respond to route changes, but also makes it possible to avoid unusual obstacles by manipulating the camera while capturing the object. The control can be applied to everything from small robots, such as in the image, to construction machinery.

    Feel free to ask for any other applications. We also work on the development of remote control and connections with vehicles, which can be used with our software here.


    Schematic images for the explanation of our software

    (3pages in each 5 seconds)


















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