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    Company Philosophy

    Protecting the Society with Robots and A.I.


    As a cutting-edge technical company, we aim to improve safety in the public society by using our knowledge of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to solve the various issues faced by our customers. Through cooperation with our partners in developing state-of-the-art robot/A.I. technologies and creating a competitive corporate robotic group, we will continue to expand both our domestic and international activities.

    Company Profile

    Company Name Chinougijutsu Co., Ltd.
    Location [Head Office]
    Dojima Building 414
    Kita-ku Nishi-Tenma 2-Chome 6-8
    530-0047 Osaka city
    Tel:06-6362-1008 Fax:06-6362-1018
    [Tokyo Office]
    Resona Kudan Building 5F KS Floor
    1-5-6 Kudanminami Chiyoda-ku
    102-0074 Tokyo
    Tel: 03-6869-5103
    Executive Staff CEO: Dr. Otsu Ryouji (Biomedical Science)
    Director: Mr. Negoro Nobuaki (Lawyer) - Outside director
    Corporate Auditor: Mr. Hamabe Yasuhiro (Tax Accountant)
    Capital 60,000,000 Japanese Yens
    Business 1/ A.I. and Robot commercialization consulting
    2/ A.I. and Robot technology consulting
    3/ A.I. and Robot research and development
    Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation - Osaka Head-office - Sales department
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation - Umeda Branch



    Dojima Building 414
    Kita-ku Nishi-Tenma 2-Chome 6-8
    530-0047 Osaka city
    Tel: 06-6362-1008

    [Building Landmark]
    Ikeda Senshuu Bank on the first floor.


    5 min. walk from Yodoyabashi subway station (Midosuji line) - Exit 1
    5 min. walk from Yodoyabashi station (Keihan) - Exit 1
    2 min. walk from Oebashi station (Keihan) - Exit 5
    5 min. walk from Kita-shinchi station (JR Tozai line) - Exit F-92
    12 min. walk from Osaka station (JR) - Exit F-92
    12 min. walk from Umeda/Higashi-Umeda stations (subway) - Exit F-92

    Tokyo Office

    Resona Kudan Building 5F KS Floor
    1-5-6 Kudanminami Chiyoda-ku
    102-0074 Tokyo
    Tel: 03-6869-5103

    [Building Landmark]
    Resona Bank on the first floor


    5 min. walk from Kudanshita station - Exit 6 (Subway Tozai Line / Hanzomon Line / Toei-Shinjuku Line)
    The Kudanshita station is the 2nd station after Otemachi station (Tozai line from Tokyo station).

    List of Customers

    Government Agencies / Municipalities METI, Osaka Prefecture, etc.
    Universities Tsukuba University, Yokohama National University, Tokai University, etc.
    Broadcaster NHK, Fuji Television, etc.
    Power Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc, etc.
    Highway West Nippon Expressway Maintenance Kansai Co., Ltd., etc.
    Petrochemistry JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Co., Ltd., Tonen General Petroleum Co., Ltd., Asahi Kasei Corporation, etc.
    Heavy Industries Daihatsu Industry Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment Co., Ltd., Suiken Co., Ltd., DSL Japan Co., Ltd., etc.
    Plant Engineering Kanden Plant Co., Ltd., Sankyu Inc., Shinko Plantech, CXR Co., Ltd., etc.
    Construction Kandenko Co., Ltd., Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., Maruei Concrete Industry Co., Ltd., etc.
    Fire Control Morita Holdings Corporation, etc.
    Metal Manufacture Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd., etc.
    Printing Printpac Corporation, etc.
    Others Neues Co., Ltd., etc.


    Jul-07 Established in Edobori Nishi-ku Osaka city
    Capital: 10 million japanese yens
    Dec-07 Moved to New City Residence Tosabori 1-2-24 Higobashi, Osaka city due to business expansion
    May-08 Capital increase to 60 million japanese yens
    Jul-10 Moved to Dojima building 414 2-6-8 Nishi Tenma Kita-ku, Osaka city due to business expansion

    Award History


    Year 2010
    Year 2012
    METI - Support for promotion of new Strategic Technology Business
    Year 2012 Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade, Industry - Selection for the [Monozukuri Shinsen] award
    (Selection of the best small and medium companies in Kansai area)


    Dec-08 OSAKA2008 - Osaka city Business Award - Outstanding Performance Award
    Feb-09 METI - Industry Cluster Kansai Front Runner 2009 Grand Prize and Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Award
    Dec-12 Kansai New Business Association 2012 NBK Grand Prize - Osaka Block Award
    Dec-12 Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry - Certification for the plan [Monozukuri Shinsen]

    Support plan entrustment

    Jan-09 New Technology Development Association - N°82
    New Technology Development Assistance Award
    Aug-09 METI - Selected for the plan [Monozukuri - Products Research and Development]
    Dec-10 METI - Selected for support of development of advanced technology business
    Jul-12 Certified by the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry for [Regulation concerning the advancement of technology for manufacturing in small and medium enterprises]
    Jun-13 Selected for support plan of small and medium manufacturing company - Osaka Prefecture


    Many publications and appearance on Japanese TV.