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    A.I. & Robot commercialization consulting

    We offer our services to companies who want to expand their business in the rapid-growth market of A.I. and robotics.


    Through our expertise and by leveraging your core competence, we help you achieving your goal.


    Our company is one of few technology company with expertise in both A.I. and robotics.

    We have been involved in robots and A.I technology research and development for the last ten years (most of our clients are listed companies).


    We bring to your company our expertise on A.I. and robot technology, perform not only marketing but also feasibility consulting based on our experience and know-how on the state-of-the-art technology. All consulting is handled by staff holding a doctorate degree in science or with equivalent ability.


    We are providing our expertise for companies at early stages of commercialization that are in particular in the following situations:

    • "We would like to develop a new business/project using A.I. or robot technology or both but as it is our first time, we don't know how to start."
    • "We are already engaged in a new business/project but we don't know the growth potential of the market, our chances of success entering the market and if our current technical knowledge would be sufficient. We are in need of market evaluation and technical education/training."


    A.I. & Robot technology consulting

    If you are in a situation where you would like to develop a new activity that involves AI or robotics technology but you don’t have any experiences with those technologies, you don’t have a clear understanding about what kind of problems they can solve, how to use them efficiently for your new business, please contact us.


    We will support you in your development in addressing all the problems regarding AI and robotics technologies.

    We do for you specifications, design, planning (schedule and budget) and development from the early stage of the project to the concrete production. All consulting is handled by staff holding a doctorate degree in science or with equivalent ability.



    A.I & Robot Research and Development

    You have ideas for a project but no experience in development with A.I. and Robot, you don't have to worry as we are your outsourcing solution.


    We conduct the project planning, specifications, design, research and development, prototyping and tests together with you so that you can directly jump to the production step.

    For more than ten years, our successful achievements made us gained high trust from our customers. Please see the "Customer's Voice" page for details.