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    Research and Development History

    A.I. & Robot Technologies

    Development Type Year Details
    Cleaning robot 2007 Professional cleaning robot that can talk with visitors.
    2009 Cleaning robot to wash and clean the toilet individual room and male urinal.
    2016 Washing/cleaning robot equipped with autonomous driving control.
    2016 Vaccuum cleaner robot equipped with autonomous driving control.
    Refinery Robot 2011 Robot for operation in refinery with high risk of explosion (include explosion-proof design).
    2014 Robot that travels inside a refinery piping systems and removes any solid objects.
    Power Plant Robot 2012 Robot for operation in nuclear power plant.
    Wiring Robot 2013 Robot that carries electrical wiring inside the ceiling.
    Inspection & Operation Robot 2016 Traveling operation robot for manipulation/stacking of 20kg weights.
    Autonomous Towing Robot 2014 Electrical towing vehicle with autonomous driving control.

    A.I. & Sensing Technologies

    Development Type Year Details
    Highway Sensor 2007 3D for detection of incoming vehicles entering maintenance area on highways.
    Equipment for Inspection of Pipe (corrosion testing) 2008 Sensor to detect corrosion inside a pipe from a remote location.
    Transmission Tower Deterioration Diagnosis 2010 Study to diagnose deterioration of power-transmission tower.
    3D Sensor 2011 Robot controlled by a three dimensional recognition system using a stereo camera.
    Fire-control Sensor 2013 Consulting for an explosion-proof sensor to be carried by firefighters.
    Autonomous Mobile Robot 2014 Sensoring system for an autonomous robot using SLAM method.
    Oil Leakage Sensor 2016 Sensor mounted on a drone for oil-leakage detection from the sky.

    Development with Other Technologies

    Development Type Year Details
    Radio control for construction machinery 2010 Radio control of large machinery for construction.
    Text Mining 2014 Technical investigation of medical robot using text mining.
    Image Transmission 2015 Highly reliable image transmission system for unmanned construction machinery.
    Battery for Construction Equipment 2015 High-power lithium ion battery for construction machinery.
    Battery for Robot 2016 Small lithium ion battery with high performance for mobile robot.